History of MSX

MSX Corp was incepted as a small enterprise in 2010 by our CEO and founder, Memia.

Since then, MSX Corp has grown to become one of the most advanced exploration, research and development corporations in the X Universe.

The Early Years

As early as 1985, Memia was looking to space as the potential future for humankind.

Long before the conception of the original Terraformers, Memia was developing technology that assisted in space exploration and the expansion of humankind.

In 2010, Memia Space Exploration (MSX) Corporation was born, founded on the key principals of expansion in space for all of humankind.

The Dark Years

MSX Corp was a strong opponent of the Terraformer programme of the early 21st century, investing significant resource (both captial and political) into trying to stop the programme.

Memia strongly believed that the expansion of space should be carried out by humankind directly, rather than relying on automatic expansion.

Although the events that unfolded could not be foreseen, it is interesting to note that the use of Terraformers did not actually expand mankind's presence in space, as predicted by Memia.

The Golden Years

In the years after the Terraformer disaster, MSX Corp ploughed extensive capital into renewed space exploration and technological research.

The time of the Terran Conflict saw many notable advances by MSX Corp, including the AutoScan™ range of products and the AutoSat™ satellite deployment system.

In addition, MSX Corp were personally responsible for development and testing of the Xenon Jumpdrive Inhibitor™, which changed the X Universe forever.

The Future

No-one knows what the future holds, not even Memia himself, but MSX Corp will keep on exploring space and expanding mankind's interests there.

New technologies being developed by MSX Corp currently include:

  • Unfocused Wormhole Deployer - a device that will allow the permanent connection of Unfocused Jumpdrive locations to the X Universe.
  • Kha'ak Jumpdrive Inhibitor - a device to prevent Kha'ak jumping into sectors where they have no existing presence
  • Quantum Cargohold Expander - a device that uses quantum mechanics to fold the free space inside cargoholds, offering virtually infinte capacity