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Auto-Scan Sector Version:1

Auto-Scan Sector

An AL Plugin for Terran Conflict that automatically scans a sector, revealing all objects within it


When starting a new game I found it very dull to have to re-explore the universe and, particulary, explore every part of each sector, so I made this little script to make life easier.

How to Use

Ensure that the plugin is turned on (see Installation below).
When you fly into a sector the content of the sector will automatically be revealed to you.

Asteroids, stations and gates will all be revealed. Note that asteroid yields will not be revealed (you can't have it all).

The plugin only works on the Player's current ship. It may take up to 60 seconds for the sector to be revealed.


To use:

  1. Install the SPK file.
  2. Switch on in the Artificial Life plugin (Gameplay -> Artificial Life Settings -> Memia AutoScan Sector).
Version History
Version 1 (06.08.2011)

Initial release.

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Language English
License GNU/GPL
Author MSX Corp
Created by Martin