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Auto-Scan Freight Version:1

Auto-Scan Freight

An AL Plugin for Terran Conflict that automatically scans freight in all ships within range.


Tired of having to manually click that "Scan" button every time you want to scan a ship for freight? Well I am, hence the script.

How to Use

Ensure you have a Frieght Scanner installed into your ship and that the plugin is turned on (see Installation below).
Simply pass within the range of the scanner (default 4km) and the ship will be automatically scanned on your behalf.

Note, if you are in a system where scanning is illegal then the scanner will not scan anything.
The plugin only works on the Player's current ship.

It works during freight scanning missions for law enforcement against illegal wares as well as pirate missions to scan for legal wares to plunder.


To use:

  1. Install the SPK file.
  2. Switch on in the Artificial Life plugin (Gameplay -> Artificial Life Settings -> Memia AutoScan Freight).
Version History
Version 1 (06.08.2011)

Initial release.

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License GNU/GPL
Author MSX Corp
Created by Martin