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Auto-Scan Asteroids Version:1.10

Auto-Scan Asteroids

An AL Plugin for Terran Conflict that automatically scans asteroids within range.


Tired of having to manually click that "Scan" button every time you want to scan an asteroid? Well I am, hence the script.

How to Use

Ensure you have a Mineral Scanner installed into your ship and that the plugin is turned on (see Installation below).
Simply pass within the range of the scanner (default 10km) and the asteroid will be automatically scanned on your behalf.

The plugin only works on the Player's current ship.


To use:

  1. Install the SPK file.
  2. Switch on in the Artificial Life plugin (Gameplay -> Artificial Life Settings -> Memia AutoScan Asteroids).
Version History
Version 2 (25.06.2013)

Update to correct AL plugin so that it can be disabled.

Version 1 (06.08.2011)

Initial release.

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