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Xenon Ship Killer Version:1

Xenon Ship Killer

A plugin for Terran Conflict that will ensure that Xenon ships and stations do not spawn in sectors taken over by the player.


When using sector takeover plugins I noticed that, even once I had destroyed all Xenon from a sector, new Xenon ships would respawn and eventually stations too.

I found this most frustrating after I'd gone to all the trouble of cleaning out the sector.

This script ensures that once Xenon have been cleared from a sector, they will never spawn again (as long as you have taken ownership of the sector).

How to Use

Once the script is installed, it will operate automatically.


To use, simply install the SPK file.

Version History
Version 1 (09.08.2011)

Initial release.

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Size 3.56 KB
Downloads 774
Language English
License GNU/GPL
Author MSX Corp
Created by Martin