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Crystal-Free SPP Version:2

Memia Crystal Free SPP

A plugin for Terran Conflict that allows a Solar Power Plant to be reconfigured to run without requiring Crystals.


The NPC Solar Power Plants in Terran Conflict do not require Crystals to produce Energy Cells. Naturally, Solar Power Plants should only require solar power to produce energy.

To redress this, I produced this plugin to remove the Crystal requirement from any player-owned SPP.

I know this script has been done before but I couldn't download the other ones so I decided to make my own.

How to Use

A new command "Memia Crystal Free SPP" has been added to the "Custom" ship command menu.

Select the command, and then select an owned Solar Power Plant. The Solar Power Plant will no longer require Crystals and will produce Energy Cells without it.

Note that the output from the SPP is not affected by this plugin (it does not reduce the output to 10 or 20 Energy Cells.


To use, simply install the SPK file.

Version History

Version 2 (06.08.2010)

Change to use the correct text file ID (7850).

Version 1 (27.07.2010)

Initial release.

Resources Used

Command ID: 7850

Text File: 7850


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Language English
License GNU/GPL
Author MSX Corp
Created by Martin