About MSX Corp

Memia Space Exploration (MSX) Corporation's mission is to increase the power of mankind through exploration, innovation and industrialisation.

At MSX Corp, we truly believe that mankind's prosperity will be linked to the expansion of the terran people throughout known space.

Our Values

MSX Corp was founded on the basis of several key principals, which are:

  • All of mankind has the right of access to space.
  • Innovation is the key to unlimited expansion.
  • The Terran species are the true masters of all space.

From these key principals, we worked hard to develop a core set of values:

  • Always act for the good of all Terrans, everywhere
  • Show fanatical dedication to the end result
  • Embrace new ideas and new technology
  • Ensure that we advance space exploration with everything we do

From the bottom to the top, all MSX Corp employees live and breath our principals and our values, and this is surely what is responsible for our cutting-edge technological development in support of our mission.